Power outage forces Durant grocery store to throw out food

DURANT, Okla. (KXII) – Grocery store employees in Durant had to throw away shelves full of food after this weekend’s storms left the building without power.

Pruett’s Foods usually has thousands of dollars of food coming in each week, but after the power went out on Sunday, that’s now money down the drain.

“Something like this is devastating,” William Cloud with Pruett’s Corporate said. “Not to the point of putting you out of business, but to the point of it taking a little bit to restock. But people have been working really really hard to get it all back on the shelf.”

The power was out for around 15  hours. Cloud said they haven’t calculated a total loss yet, but they filled up their dumpster- the size of a semi-truck- twice with spoiled food.

“For safety’s sake, everything was just thrown away,” Cloud said. “All the frozen dairy milk eggs, all of the meat, lunch meat, a lot of produce. Anything that would spoil after being under refrigeration and then out of refrigeration.”

Cloud said customers have been flexible with their shopping.

“We can’t thank our customers enough,” Cloud said. “For their understanding, realizing hey we’ve got it coming in tomorrow. And most of them are like ‘great, great, we’ll be back.’”

Tyler Harrison said Pruett’s is where his mom likes to shop.

His family lost power several times.

“It was alright cause our power was back on the next day,” Harrison said. “So we went shopping, and we lost food again, and we came back here today and we got some pizza rolls.”

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