Prince Harry & Meghan must build ‘trust & sincerity’ with British public during

Prince Harry ‘unrecognisable’ to Royal family as he ‘can’t seem to stop talking’ to press

Prince Harry has become almost ‘unrecognisable’ to his family according to a royal expert as he ‘can’t seem to stop talking’ to press.

Since Meghan Markle and Harry finalised their royal exit with a move across to the states, the Duke of Sussex has used the press to his advantage and has wanted to “blabber to the press” about his experience.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, royal author Tina Brown discussed Harry’s contradicting attitudes towards the media.

The host Liam Bartlett said: “He’s a strange mix, isn’t he, on one hand, he has this pathological hatred of the press and on the other hand, he’s quite happy to use them to seal the entertainment deals, to do the headline interviews, to promote his book”.

Ms Brown said: “It’s certainly a paradox, that a man who kept saying all he wanted was privacy, now can’t seem to stop talking.

“I think that is baffling to his family”.

She added: “In fact, one of the things, I heard constantly from within the Royal Family, people, they said, like we don’t recognise Harry.

“We don’t understand, you know, why he’s doing this, we don’t understand it”.

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