Monthly News from Susan Miller — July 2022

Dear Reader,

July will be such an encouraging sweet month. You will see that you can get lots done because the little planets will be singing in harmony as they make their way around the heavens. As you go through July, the month gets better and better. There is a light, breezy quality about July, and I hope you can find ways to use it to your full advantage after reading my forecast.

Readers have started to notice that I quietly joined the new social media platform called Discord, which will help us all sail into Web 3.0 together. I invite you to join me there—it’s easier for me to see your questions than on other platforms. I will continue to post thoughts on Twitter (@astrologyZone), Instagram (@astrologyzone), and Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Discord is a free service that has many bells and whistles, but for now we will start slowly and simply. I will have my own community on Discord, and I will have my own “server” called AstrologyZone.

I’m adding Discord (#astrologyzone/discord) for several important reasons. Discord’s structure can more easily help us build a strong, close, and loving community. On Discord, I want to hear your most pressing concerns and also hear how the current planetary configurations are playing out in your life.

Discord is divided into different “servers,” but you can think of servers as “communities.” My server is AstrologyZone. When you first come to Discord, you will be asked to create a user name and to verify yourself to become the member of our group. This way we know you’re not a bot but a real person.

Next, you’ll check off your Sun sign or, alternatively, your ascendant (also called your rising sign—the words are interchangeable). Even though your Sun sign and ascendant are equal in importance, for now you can only pick one or the other. Many new features will come, but as we start, we need to keep things understandable and easy.

Your choice will automatically place you in one of the four subsets to our group (called “channels” by Discord). Think of channels as rooms. Currently, we have four rooms divided by the elements: Fire, Air, Earth, or Water. If you were born on a cusp and feel you were placed in the wrong room, we will help you get to the right room. For now, though I have been most comfortable in the General room, but that might change as we grow.

You will be able to communicate by text, audio, video, or through live events. You’ll be able to post photos, your astrological chart, or drawings, or you might even jump in, in real time, and say a few things on the audio channel. All the while, our group will remain organized and supportive of other.

The Discord app for smart phones is fantastic, and the app for your computer is very good, too. Alternatively, you can simply go to Discord.com on the Internet. Apps are always more secure and convenient than going online, though, so I suggest you get a Discord app for your phone. It’s free.

Discord’s audience is heavily comprised of male users (about 80%), so this gives me—and you—a chance to hear about topics that men are currently focused on. I want to know what men find maddening, what they wish they could change, and which parts of life they want to stay the same. I invite men to talk about dating, commitment, and how it feels to be a modern man. This may improve communication between men and women—I hope so! For every participant, and that’s you, I also want to hear about your successes too, for we all need to be inspired by good news.

In learning about Web 3.0, I feel the same excitement I felt when I first heard about the Internet and started my website in 1995. It is my mission and desire to create a strong group here where we can exchange information and you can enjoy making new friends. We can learn from one another, and all the while, hang out to simply have fun. Astrology can show you ways to keep growing, no matter what your age, and can also help you reach your full potential.

I have asked my master moderator, Isis Djata, to make sure our community members are kind to one another and always feel safe and welcome. I think you will love the atmosphere we will maintain. Discord gives us the tools to allow us to create order and warmth between us.

If you (like me) are new to Discord, I recommend you view an introductory video on YouTube. I looked at several, and my favorite short tutorial is by Eagle Garrett, “What Is Discord? A Beginner’s Guide to How to Use Discord.”


Together we will start out on a great adventure as we enter Web 3.0. Come—you won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Now let’s turn to another topic, my brand-new app “Moonlight Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller” that just was placed on the Apple App Store and Google Play in June—search “Moonlight Phases.” If you search only “Moonlight,” you will see that there are many apps by that name that have nothing to do with…

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