Peru’s VP asks Congress to work with Executive Branch showing political maturity

asked Congress to be willing to work together with the Executive Branch showing political maturity, so as to join efforts to meet the needs of Peruvians.

The high-ranking official mentioned that during her recent visit to Colombia in order to attend the inauguration ceremony of President Gustavo Petro, the latter managed to build bridges with parliamentary groups in said country, which she deemed as positive for democracy and for peoples’ progress.

In this regard, Mrs. Boluarte pointed out that confrontations between both branches of government serve no purpose and are unnecessary.

“This year the President has turned his cheek, but now he will extend his hand to work in unity,” the government official told reporters.

She also questioned Congressman Wilson Soto’s report that recommends disqualifying President Castillo for five years before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations, noting that it is an “exaggeration” and there is no constitutional basis for it.

Mrs. Boluarte, who also serves as Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, reiterated that the Head of State must comply with a constitutional mandate, in relation to a possible impeachment. Nevertheless, a few legislators promote this.

“Let us think again about it to do a job with the broadest unity. Peru needs us all,” she remarked.


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