How to choose kitchen cabinet colors – expert tricks to try

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors can be quite a task – after all, your units make up a major part of the room’s overall look, so your color choices carry a lot of weight. Plus, it’s not something we’re quite as used to doing compared to, say, choosing a color for our walls. The wrong decision can be disastrous when it comes to kitchen units, especially when you’ve just paid to have a new, freshly painted kitchen installed.

But how do you choose the right kitchen color ideas for your units with confidence? We tapped a few of our favorite interior designers for their tips and tricks to selecting the right color for not only the characteristics of your space, but also the style of interior decor you’re trying to create. 

How to choose kitchen cabinet colors

‘Color sets the tone of a space; it tells a story and provides an environment to feel at home in.’

Tom Howley, bespoke kitchen maker

1. Consider light and orientation for selecting colors

A green toned kitchen

(Image credit: Howark Design Ltd)

While you may be tempted to simply choose a color you love for your kitchen cabinets straight out of the showroom, you have to remember that those colors will likely look much different in your own space. Much of your color selection depends on how much light the room gets, its orientation and more. 

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